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About us

Auckland Addiction Services are an experienced team of professional therapists for teens, adults, couples & families.

Getting Help

If you have any addiction concerns, it helps to talk to a professional trained in addictions.

They can help you :

  • decide if your use is a problem.
  • make practical plans to start change
  • or prevent relapse
  • and help you feel more in control

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The four L’s

Worried about drugs, alcohol, porn, food or internet use?

A useful model for understanding the extent of addiction considers the difficulties experienced. The Four L’s model looks at the impact of drug use on four major spheres on a person’s life. These are:

  • Liver : Anything to do with your health – either physical, psychological or emotional
  • Lover : Problems associated with a your relationships, children, family, friends, lovers etc.
  • Livelihood : Problems with finances, accommodation, work, education, recreation etc.
  • Legal : Any problems associated with the law – either criminal or civil proceedings.

This is a quick way of assessing the impact of addictions on your life.

Auckland addiction services

Many different things can assist us to cope with the ups and downs of a busy life, but some we can get overly reliant on. For example the line between regular drinking and becoming an alcoholic can be a fine one – a line you don’t want to cross! Addiction Counselling can help you manage your high-risk dependencies and prevent these taking hold of your life.

Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes, but is almost always a lonely and dark place. Whether the addiction is alcohol, prescribed medications, social drugs, food, sex, work, shopping, gambling or some other addictive behaviour, over time what was once pleasurable becomes unmanageable.

Addiction takes control of lives. Auckland Addiction Services can help you regain control!

Make today the day!