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Face-to-face and online services are available from most of our dedicated team – please contact individual therapists for more information. We welcome your enquiries.

Please be aware that Covid and lockdown has brought a lot of issues to the surface for many people. The result is, that many therapists are working near to capacity, are full or have waitlists. This is a frustrating situation for everyone, and it may require more patience and perseverance to get an appointment that we would like.

Kia kaha.

Addiction Counsellors

Addiction Counselling Auckland is an experienced team of professional addiction counsellors for teens, adults, couples & families with locations throughout greater Auckland.

Find a Sex & porn addiction counsellor or Alcohol, drug & other addictions counsellor near you.

Addiction Issues

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Gaming & internet addiction |  Sex & porn addiction

Not sure?

Am I a sex addict? | Do I have an addiction? | Do I have a drinking problem?

Getting Help

If you have any addiction concerns, it helps to talk to a professional trained in addictions.

They can help you :

  • decide if your use is a problem.
  • make practical plans to start change
  • prevent relapse
  • and help you take back control

Auckland addiction counselling

Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes, but is almost always a lonely place. So, whether the addiction is alcohol, prescribed medications, social drugs, food, sex, work, shopping, gambling or some other addictive behaviour, over time what was once pleasurable becomes unmanageable.

Addiction takes control of lives. Auckland Addiction Counselling services can help you regain control!

Make today the day!

Contact any of our Sex & porn addiction counsellors
or Alcohol, drug & other addictions counsellors
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