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Clinic 77 alcohol and drug rehab, Cockle Bay, AucklandAlcohol & drug treatment programmes

Location : 61A Evelyn Rd, Cockle Bay, Auckland
Phone : (09) 950 7780 – 8.30am – 5pm
Email : Web : Clinic77

About Clinic 77

We are a private AOD (Alcohol and other drugs) outpatient treatment clinic based in East Auckland. We offer individual counselling/psychotherapy and/or group therapy and five different intensive outpatient treatment programmes to those who are substance dependent.

Getting Started

Not sure where to start?

We offer a pre-assessment appointment at a reduced cost in order for us to clarify what treatment direction would best suit you. Options could include: detox, rehab, enrolling in a day recovery intensive treatment programme, drug and alcohol counselling, ongoing support or a referral to a partner organisation.

Treatment Programmes

Clinic 77 coloured string knotAOD (Alcohol & Other Drugs) Intensive Outpatient: Feeling like your world is caving in, are alcohol or drugs taking over the control of your life? Our group programme can help, it focuses on barriers that prevent commitment and change, identity discovery and development, coping with anxiety, depression, guilt and shame, stress and grief, emotional intelligence and regulation, finishing with relapse prevention strategies and plans.

Aftercare Relapse Prevention & Recovery: Do you need some on-going encouragement, support and structure on your recovery journey? Our group programme can support you. It addresses relapse prevention planning, early triggers and warning signs, abandonment, loss and grief and trauma related concerns that prevent cognitive and behavioural wellness. It also involves developing strong support networks, rebuilding relationships and integrating back into the community.

Family & Friends: Are you feeling alone and isolated carrying the burden of a family member or friend who is battling alcohol or drugs? Our group programme is designed to provide education about addiction. It also helps with coming to terms with the idea that you can’t control your loved one’s using habits. It covers self-reflection and discovery and finding new strategies that enhance the quality of your life.

Anxiety & Depression: Are you struggling with anxiety or depression? Our group programme discusses what anxiety/depression is. We help identify negative self-talk, ‘the inner critic’ and unhelpful behaviour that sabotages a happy and healthy balanced lifestyle. It also reviews relaxation, exposure and mindfulness techniques, stress management, sleep hygiene, isolation verses being in relationship and pharmacology.

Prescription Medication Dependency: Do you feel like you’re losing control of your life due to prescription medication dependency? Our group programme provides a safe environment for you to explore oneself and gain an understanding about Benzodiazepines and/or Zopiclone dependency. We focus on what withdrawal symptoms involve, depression and anxiety, stress management and sleep hygiene. We also educate and work with you on full change-overs, split dosing, stabilisation and reduction methods.

Our clinicians

Our clinicians are highly experienced and qualified registered addiction specialists who have a deep commitment to helping you successfully live a recovery-focused lifestyle. Many have walked their own journeys in mental health and addiction, conquering serious life difficulties, developing and changing and living a successful life in recovery. We are registered with PBANZ, NZPB, Dapaanz, NZAC, NZCCA.

More details

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Inquiries welcome

If your struggling with alcohol or drug dependency issues and need help today, don’t hesitate to give us a call now on 09 950 7780 or email us on We would love to hear from you. Your call or email will be treated with confidentiality.