Is my drinking a problem?

Signs of problem drinking

If you are unsure if your alcohol use is a problem, the following questions may help:

Is my drinking a habit? YES, if you regularly drink to:

  • Socialise with other regular drinkers
  • Binge drink to enjoy yourself
  • Relax, relieve anxiety or go to sleep
  • Be more comfortable in social situations
  • Avoid thinking about sad or unpleasant things

Is my drinking a problemIs my drinking a problem? YES, if it contributes to:

  • Relationships or family problems
  • Work or money problems
  • Health or emotional problems
  • Legal problems

Is my drinking serious? YES, if causing:

  • Have tried to stop drinking for a week or so but only quit for a few days
  • Find other people make comments to you about your drinking
  • Have a drink in the morning to get yourself going after drinking heavily the night before
  • Can’t remember what happened while you were drinking
  • Have hurt yourself or someone else as a result of your drinking