Meth use in NZ

Looking for a meth counsellor? Worried about P addiction? In the past 15 years methamphetamine (meth / P) has become increasingly common. While it is often the subject of alarming headlines, recreational use is increasing. It is now widespread amongst groups such as the building and construction trades, youth party scene, high-flyers, etc.

Causes of use

Let’s face it, people use meth recreationally – to get high, have fun and party. Use can also be experimental or part of a social scene. For others, it is a habitual way of getting by and managing stress, depression or emotional pain.

Meth addiction

There are a number of dangers associated with meth use. The most obvious are:

  • addiction – loss of control over use, preoccupation to the point of obsession, leading to a range of harmful consequences
  • adverse reaction – leading to psychosis and violence

Recreational use

rolling the dice with MethamphetamineWhile casual users may be lucky enough to avoid addiction or psychosis, ongoing recreational use creates a number of well-recognised risks:

  • physical & mental health
  • relationship problems
  • legal implications
  • financial costs
  • employment risks

Getting help

If you have concerns about your drug use, it helps to talk to a professional trained in this area. Our specialists can provide expert assessment and advice on harm-reduction, withdrawal, detox, rehabilitation and relapse prevention.

You can talk together about treatment options and tailor a treatment plan. Options include private practice, out-patient clinics, 12-step or residential programmes. Once you have a plan, your therapist can refer you to an appropriate programme, provide interim support if there is a waitlist, or you can stay on in private practice.

Find a therapist

For therapists with experience and training in working with addictions:

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